Upper Canyon Outreach is excited to offer a transformative horsemanship and equine therapy course reserved exclusively for Veterans, active duty and retired military. Through our program, participants will gain invaluable life skills and emotional intelligence through interaction with our herd inĀ  the tranquil Montana ranch open spaces. Our professional, friendly and experienced team is committed to empowering our participants every step of the way, helping them achieve their personal and team-oriented goals while promoting mental well-being and authentic connection in all aspects of their lives.


At Upper Canyon Outreach, we are proud to launch our exclusive horsemanship and equine therapy course, specifically designed for Montanans who have gone through difficult, traumatic experiences. This course aims to empower participants with the necessary psychological tools to develop self-awareness and cognitive team building through horsemanship skills that support emotional intelligence and promote self-improvement. Our experienced instructors will guide participants to develop authentic connections with their equine partners, and apply those learned skills in their daily lives, mental well-bing, family, leadership and work. We are committed to providing a welcoming, supportive environment for all participants, and we believe that our course will be a transformative experience for those who join us.

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