Supporting Integrated Warriors

Upper Canyon Outreach is a Montana-based non-profit providing active military and veterans a proven framework of psychological tools to help develop self-awareness and cognitive team building. Through the development of horsemanship skills, participants harness neural pathways that support the process of integrating separate areas of their lives promoting self-improvement as an individual and team. Through earned partnerships with horses, participants learn to apply these emotional intelligence skills to daily life, mental well-being, authentic connection, family, leadership and work.

UC Outreach Staff with Horse

Our Goals

Upper Canyon Outreach has created a strong level of trust and is gaining momentum in the special operations military community as a cognitive edge for the future warrior. Our near-term goal is to double participation over the coming year.

Where the Money GoEs

The intent of our program is to break the taboo of mental health within military organizations leading the way for routine cognitive optimization of self and team.

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